How To Fix Some Common Errors And Difficulties Of Gmail Account?

There can be multiple possible reasons for Gmail’s common errors and issues. It can be due to server issues, Internet issues, browser issues, etc. Make use of the resolutions given below to reform why is Gmail not working errors that happen with your Gmail email.

Steps to resolve some common Gmail errors and issues

Even though you can get the finest Gmail support service by dialling the Google helpline number, there are some basic troubleshooting steps you may try before contacting the support team. Some common Gmail problems along with the basic troubleshooting steps are given below:

1. Gmail not loading in Google Chrome

If you are facing problems because your Gmail not working on chrome browser then you should follow the steps given below:

  • First of all, make sure that your device is connected to a fast internet connection.
  • Make sure that the version of Gmail you are using is the latest. The outdated version of Gmail also results in Gmail loading errors many times.
  • Clear the cache and cookies of the chrome browser.
  • Ensure that JavaScript is enabled in your Google Chrome browser.
  • The extensions and add-ons installed in the browser also result in errors and issues. To fix such problems, you should disable these add-on & extensions and then reload Gmail again.
  • If the problem continues, then you should temporarily disable your antivirus. Many antiviruses cause software conflict with chrome and prevent it from loading properly.

In case the issue persists even after following all the steps mentioned above then you should give a call at Gmail help phone number.

2. Unable to send Emails on Gmail

The situation can be very frustrating when you have to send an important but Gmail doesn’t allow you to do that. In such conditions, you should try the following instruction.

  • Gmail has a daily limit on the number of emails you can send. Make sure you haven’t crossed that limit.
  • There should not be any interruption in your Internet connection.
  • Ensure that the IMAP/ POP settings are correct if you are using Gmail on other email clients.
  • Check your draft and sent folder. If your email is in the sent folder then you need not send the email again. You should contact your recipient in such a situation.
  • Make sure your recipients haven’t blocked you.
  • Ask your recipients to check their spam or trash folder.
  • If your recipient is also a Gmail user then tell him to contact Gmail support and get the Gmail mail receiving error resolved.

3. Forgot Gmail Password

24 hours Gmail Password Recovery Process Step-wise:

Forgot a Gmail password is the most common issue and its solution is quite simple. You need to run Gmail password recovery and reset your Gmail password. In order to do that you need to follow some simple steps and the right guidelines to retrieve your forgotten Gmail account password:

  • Open Gmail or Google website in an Internet browser.
  • Click on the login link available right upper corner.
  • The Login page will be open
  • Click help link bottom of the login box
  • Now select the first option “I don’t know my password”
  • For more help click here


if the issue you are facing is not mentioned in the given list, then you can give a call to google phone number for Gmail support. The experts at the experts deal with thousands of similar issues daily. They will surely provide you with the best possible solution.